NDC Oslo 2018

Update: a video of my presentation is now available in the NDC Conferences area on vimeo, https://vimeo.com/282476896.

Cracking conference

Before I witter on about my small part at NDC, I must take a moment to thank the NDC Conference team, and the agenda committee for creating a fabulous event. 

It takes a huge amount of work and preparation to create an interesting agenda, and then make sure everything falls into place getting speakers and delegates from around the world to enjoy a smooth running conference that has a real community feel where everyone mingles and chats over a coffee or some food.

As a speaker, the ability to chat to people who had seen my presentation in a relaxed environment is especially welcome.  It’s great to see what areas people were most interested in and where I might not have been clear about topics.

Of course, I did make it easier to find me at the NDC Party when both myself and Charlotte from NDC Conferences decided to dress up a bit. We even ended up on the big screens in the main conference area.

        NDCOslo-Suits-Square-Brighter      NDCOslo-Suits-BigScreen

For those wondering whether it was a coincidence, of course not! The first time I wore my television suit to NDC Charlotte was disappointed the company didn’t make them for women.  Four years later they do, and so it only seemed proper to fulfil her wish (however crazy or misplaced).

Give It A REST – my presentation

Another thankyou to all who attended my presentation on designing a public REST API.  I was genuinely surprised how many people attended, and from the Q&A at the end it seems like people are still checking out whether they should be a) using REST, and b) how to get it right.

I hope my presentation helped provide some pointers and places to look, especially the resources on API design which together with, Toby Henderson, a colleague at Huddle, were really helpful in collecting all my points into a coherent whole.

The slide deck is available at – https://github.com/westleyl/NDCOslo2018 

The video of my presentation is now available in the NDC Conferences area on vimeo, https://vimeo.com/282476896.

P.S. the company who makes the suits is Oppo Suits (and I’m not on commission)

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