This is a personal blog from Liam Westley, a software developer living in West London who started at the age of 12 programming a Sinclair ZX81, became proficient at 6502 assembly on a BBC Model B and has become lazier as time went by via Borland Pascal, Visual Basic and C#, dabbling in C, Java, PHP, Python along the way – oh, and being forced to SHOUT in FORTRAN for a Physics degree at Brunel University.  I hang around twitter on @westleyl.

I do enjoy foodie stuff, and there was a blog at https://westleyjam.wordpress.com but that took so much time I’d stopped growing veggies and doing the actual cooking for which the blog was meant to be a record. I may occasionally post again though, but you’re more likely to catch that on @westleyjam.

My previous ‘incoherent ramblings’ can be found at https://geekswithblogs.net/twickers where I included the following quotes, worthy of repeating;

‘If all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion.’ George Bernard Shaw
’Always code as if the guy maintaining your code would be a violent psychopath and he knows where you live.’